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Diner en Blanc Paris :: Local Delivery of Folding Chairs, Tables & Accessories

White Boutique - Our mission for Diner en Blanc

Pickup & Delivery in Paris

We're partnering up with several delivery services in Paris to make your day better!

Latest news: May 2, 2018

We are currently finalizing arrangements with at least three companies in Paris that can provide on-demand delivery service on Friday June 1, Saturday June 2, and the event date June 3.  Our customers will have the option of either picking up their order at one of the company offices, or having it delivered to an address in Paris.


Regular orders:

Orders for pickup in Paris can be placed on our website at a discounted, flat-rate shipping until noon Eastern Standard Time, May 14, 2018
We will be completing the next freight shipment shortly after so that the orders purchased by this cut-off arrive in Paris before May 28, 2018 to allow sufficient time for customs clearance and incidental weather delays.

New York - Paris shipments (After May 14th):

Depending on the volume of requests we receive after May 14th for shipment to Paris, we may ship additional pallets by air freight to Paris.  For this category of shipment, shipping costs are significantly higher (estimated at $100 to $150 per order, according to total volume & weight of orders) but can be placed up until May 23 as pallets are filled.
This may still be a good option since most airlines charge fees for additional baggage, depending on the class of ticket you purchased.

Return Shipping Service (Paris to New York):

Several customers have asked about the possibility of our delivery partners shipping your furniture & items back to the United States, and we can coordinate that service for you.
If you would like to have your items shipped from Paris to any destination in the United States or Canada, please send us an email with:
  • Subject heading: Paris - US / Canada Shipments
  • List the contents that you would like to ship
  • Include the packaged dimensions and weights of any items that are not sold in our store
  • Provide your destination zip code 

Once we tally up the number of shipments and have pricing available, we will then contact you to obtain the following details:

  • The country of origin of any items that are not sold in our store (i.e. country where item is manufactured - this is required for customs clearance)
  • The declared value of any items that are not sold in our store
  • Any items containing dangerous goods (lithium batteries, corrosives, etc.)
For the most economical shipping, all items will be consolidated for ocean freight which may take about two months for total transit time.  (If your items are required in a shorter time frame, contact us for air freight options with the details above.) 
We will provide pricing details once we get an idea of the number of packages being shipped in total, but preliminary estimates are $25 to $35 for the ocean shipment portion.  You can then choose a shipping option within the U.S., and we have high-volume discounted rates with all the major carriers including USPS, UPS, FedEx and DHL.


Customs clearance, handling & local pickup is included in our flat-rate shipping to Paris.

If you prefer having your items delivered to your hotel or any other address in the Paris area, we are currently finalizing arrangements with several companies that provide on-demand delivery (similar to Uber).  We are also trying to arrange delivery options for Sunday, May 3rd to help those that are arriving the same day.

Tip from our event planners: We recommend arranging your delivery a day or two before the event, if possible, given the high volume of orders, potential road closures and extra traffic related to this and other events on Sunday.  This will also allow time for you to do a test run with your table setup before the event.

Birdiz offers convenient options through web & app for iPhone / Android, plus it is one of the few that has their information available in English (yay!).  They provide pricing estimates as well as real-time tracking of your package to make planning around your vacation painless.  

To get an estimate of delivery fees, you can enter the origin address and select the 20 kg package as indicated below (for customers ordering table & chair kits):



Clark is available for iPhone users, and has a 5€ discount offer for your first use.



Smaller items can be economically shipped by USPS, whereas larger items such as tables and chairs are typically better shipped by UPS or FedEx from our one of our five warehouses located in:  Sylmar, California; Champlain, New York; or Montreal, Canada.

Items shipped by USPS Priority Mail will typically arrive in a week, depending on the volume of orders that we are processing during peak times.  Ground service for heavier items typically have a transit time of 2 to 4 days, plus processing & packaging time.  


We've been partnering with host organizers & table leaders in many cities to allow guests to purchase their essential items conveniently and reliably, backed by our product testers and by real users.  We're helping each city make their event more beautiful and more spectacular, with the largest collection of white-themed dinner and after-dinner (read p.a.r.t.y.) accessories!

If you are part of a hosting team or have an established blog, be sure to contact us for our affiliate program.



We also help ticket holders find replacements if they can no longer attend an event.  If you have tickets and are looking for a replacement, send us an e-mail with the details (metro or bus, group and section leader, departure point) and your asking price, and we will match you with people in our list looking for such tickets. 


Reach out to us if you have any questions or ideas:

Enjoy your most beautiful Dîner en Blanc!

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