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White Boutique: Exclusive & Custom Designed Accessories for Diner en Blanc
White Boutique - Our mission for Diner en Blanc
Get inspired with our collection for Diner en Blanc & white-themed parties!

Welcome to the White Boutique - Join our party!

We're in the business of creating the most beautiful moments, and helping you capture them as unforgettable memories.

We love the beauty of white-themed events such as the Dîner en Blanc, the Fête en Blanc, and the increasing number of gatherings where everyone is dressed in white and share some moments of community under that harmony.

We have carefully curated a selection of products and accessories to make these events more spectacular and more memorable for you.  With a team of designers (some flawlessly artistic ones, and some genius geeks that can re-invent the world),  every season we hit the drawing board to add and improve products - some of which our exclusive to our store.  Our latest additions include:

Our insulated cooler bag, with a cleverly-designed stacking kit:

This soft-sided cooler is much easier and more comfortable to carry, and you'll arrive in style all matched up in white!  The optional stacking kit simplifies packing your meal, and you can quickly take out each course from the front access compartment without having to dig through your entire cooler.


Our adjustable white bungee cords:

A customer had asked us if we had white bungee cords, and we decided to design some - and make them better!  Traditional bungee cords can be a hassle, trying to wrap around numerous times to get the right fit.  With our adjustable-length bungee cords, you can quickly shorten the cord to the right length to get the optimal tension.  It's as simple as unhooking the cord, pulling it to the right length, and re-hooking the cord - all in 5 seconds or less!


Our custom-designed carry straps for chairs:

After seeing guests struggle with their carts going up and down stairs, we went looking for a better way to carry chairs.  We designed a carry strap that attaches to the frame of your chairs in seconds, with two velcro loops that can accommodate chair frames of different sizes.  The straps rest on a padded shoulder strap for extra comfort, and can be adjusted to balance the chairs at the ideal height.




We hope that you’ll join our growing community of dinner guests that go the extra mile in making their Diner en Blanc or Fête en Blanc a truly magnificent event. If you haven't done so yet, be sure to sign up for our newsletter to receive sneak peeks at each season's hottest trends as well as insider tips to make your special event even better.  Just click on the "Subscribe now" button at the bottom of the page.



We've been partnering with host organizers in many cities to allow guests to purchase their essential items conveniently and reliably, backed by our product testers and by real users.  We're helping each city make their event more beautiful and more spectacular, with the largest collection of white-themed dinner and after-dinner (read p.a.r.t.y.) accessories!

If you are part of a hosting team or have an established blog, be sure to contact us for our affiliate program.



We also help ticket and reservation holders find replacements if they can no longer attend an event.  If you have tickets and are looking for a replacement, send us an e-mail with the details (metro or bus, group and section leader, departure point) and your asking price, and we will match you with people in our list looking for such tickets. 




Smaller items can be economically shipped by USPS, whereas larger items such as tables and chairs are typically better shipped by UPS or FedEx from our one of our five warehouses located in:  Sylmar, California; Champlain, New YorkParis, France or Montreal, Canada.

If you need an item for a scheduled event in less than 3 days, please contact us to see if on-time delivery is possible for your address.  During peak periods, there may be six or more cities holding their events on the same week and processing times will be longer.  We'll do everything we can (and then some more), but we like to help you plan as well.

Be friendly like us and say hello!

   Facebook Messenger: @WhiteAppeal
   Phone: 1-855-442-6300




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